Live It Global

We source the very best Merino Lamb apart from our own herd. Together with the supply of lamb meat, we add complimentary products that pair with Lamb.  

We also supply hormone free beef.

We would also like for you to join our Facebook page where you will find recipes and ideas on what to do with the produce delivered by Live it Global.

We deliver your lamb, beef and fresh produce according to your specification.
We have collection points throughout North West and Gauteng.

The health and well being of our animals is our number one priority.  We go to great lengths to ensure that our meat is not only responsibly farmed, but we also work towards the sustainability and integrity of the farm. Our Merino Lamb and Beef receive a well balanced feed, free of any animal by-products and antibiotics for growth stimulation.  

Our Product Range and Sourced Products include:
Lamb Meat
Fresh seasonal Veg
Tagliatelle Pasta

Rabbit Meat
Free Range Eggs
Chicken Sosaties