Their Walk of Life

We offer a very unique and somewhat odd product range.

We offer a first aid kit range called Patches We know that small and even big mishaps can happen at any given time and sometimes it is not necessary to consult your vet.  We partnered with Pet Passion Animal Care to compile our kits and you will find a useful info-graphic fridge magnet inside to guide and advise you.

My favorite product is one we manufacture ourselves and is individually unique.  Snoozels is a puffy bed or travel mat.  Snoozels are made from 100% Merino Lamb Skins, stuffed and lined with canvas.  Trust me, Dogs and Cats are in love with this product.

Our newly designed Pet Coats display traditional and unique South African fabric. We pay tribute to our national heritage by using Shweshwe in our pet coats. These vibrant and colorful coats speak to the personality of your pet. Get yours today.

We believe that our pets deserve a bit of dignity when it comes to their untimely, unplanned, sudden or even prepared for death.  Our product Brave to the Grave is a pet cremation or burial bag.  The purpose of the bag is to provide the owner with comfort that his pet is covered and moving on in a dignified manner.  The cardboard core is a keepsake for your pets' ashes and belongings if you did not bury or cremate it with your pet. Ask your vet if they stock our bag.

You can contact us at anytime to place your order for one of our specialized products.